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In this post, Eyal Levi, Co-Founder and CEO of Bright Way Vision, shares his view on the L2+ ADAS market evolution. He highlights three areas where the company's original GatedVision technology can reduce costs, while dramatically improving road safety.   

L2+ and higher-level ADAS are gradually becoming popular automotive choice. Some estimate that the delivery rate of L2 and L2+ ADAS in some territories may exceed 50% by 2025, 15% of which is L2+. Three factors will be shaping this future demand, namely: Cost, functionality including at night and safety level,   

Cost: With the development of more autonomous driving, the number of sensors is gradually increasing. For example, models launched in China (January to September 2022) boast more cameras, radars, and LiDARs than the mainstream.  LiDAR has become key to the high-level autonomous driving of many automakers; some carry four LiDARs in their suite. This poses a high cost of BOM, which can hardly be mitigated, even in volume production, thus directly resulting in a higher retail price. This, combined with an economic downturn climate, is due to making future L2+ models slower to win market share. 

Functionality: NOA (Navigation on AutoPilot) is a typical popular function of L2+ assisted driving and is also the key to the transition from ADAS to full AVs. It enables point-to-point autonomous driving on highways, and urban expressways and includes high-speed scenarios. This functionality requires a long-range object and pedestrian detection capability that works seamlessly at night and in any weather. This is clearly not the case today. 

Safety: LiDAR sensors can solve some of the night vision challenges, yet the technology, by design, lacks the spatial resolution ability that is fundamental for achieving clear environment perception. Nighttime, alongside adverse weather conditions, poses new unmet safety requirements, as drivers are assumed to be in hand-off mode, maybe even eyes off. As regulatory bodies and consumers continue to demand higher levels of safety 24/7, automakers will likely prioritize the implementation of L2+ vision technology to meet these demands.

The GatedVision camera system is probably the only cost-effective solution that enables advanced L2+ functionality while improving road safety at night and in all weather.

GatedVision cameras are known for offering full-resolution images and situation awareness in low light, rain, and fog, which revolutionizes road safety at night. The camera uses a high-resolution sensor that enables full situation awareness and detects and tracks objects at long ranges (250m). 

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