Health, Safety and Labour Policy

Bright Way Vision creates innovative solutions aiming to safe driving today and into the autonomous future, whilst at the same time recognizing our health and safety responsibilities and our wider commitment to sustainability and company responsibility.
The protection and improvement of the health and safety of everyone who works for or with Bright Way Vision, is a guiding principle in all our operations. This occupational health, safety and labor conditions policy is based on Bright Way Vision Code of Conduct and employment policies and practices, the key principles of which are that Bright Way Vision will:

  • Provide healthy and safe working conditions and promote well-being and fair treatment at work
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable occupational health and safety and labor legislation along with other requirements to which we subscribe (including customer specific requirements as well as industry best practices) Integrate occupational health and safety management into our business and processes including design, production, distribution, installation and support of our product and systems
  • Emphasize the accountability and responsibility of management and employees for healthy, safe working conditions and fair treatment for all who work for or on behalf of Bright Way Vision
  • Strive to continuously improve our health and safety performance through risk management, consultation and participation to prevent work-related accidents, ill health, diseases and incidents and by developing and implementing new working practices and technologies, which enhance our employees’ health and safety
  • Ensure that our products are safe, and work with our suppliers and customers to promote responsible use throughout their life cycle
  • Promote a healthy life-style and support voluntary activities that enhance health, wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Promote occupational health, safety and labor conditions awareness through effective communication and training, sharing best practices, both internally and externally and encourage reporting of incidents, hazards, risks and opportunities
  • Take immediate action to remedy situations where incidents, audits and feedback identify areas for improvement in our health, safety and labor conditions management
  • Ensure our suppliers, contractors and other business partners follow the same standards and place equally high priority on health, safety and labor conditions in their operations

Quality Policy

At Bright Way Vision, we are safety technology centric and customer driven, and this shapes how we conceptualize and practice quality. We are committed to creating value for our customers today and into the autonomous future by:

  • Delivering differentiated products, services and solutions reliably and securely - first time, every time, on time, as promised
  • Relentlessly pursuing continuous improvement of business processes and quality management to enable superior performance and driving safety
  • Constantly renewing our knowledge, skills and techniques to innovate new ways to serve customers and enhanced driving clarity today and for automated driving tomorrow.
  • Valuing each other, our customers and stakeholders while honoring ethical, legal and statutory obligations
  • We respect our employees and value them.

This policy will be regularly reviewed, updated as necessary, applied and communicated to employees and stakeholders working for or on behalf of Bright Way Vision.

Environmental Policy

Bright Way Vision creates innovative solutions aiming to safe driving today and into the autonomous future, whilst at the same time takes an active, open, and ethically clear approach to managing environmental issues.
A clear environmental management is central to our business, important to our customers and stakeholders, and serve as a key to securing our future. Bright Way Vision continuously seeks to prevent pollution and to reduce the environmental impacts of its products throughout their life cycle. Meeting this commitment is a primary management objective and the individual and collective responsibility of all employees.

The environmental policy is part of the general management process, incorporating environmental considerations into relevant business planning, decision-making, implementation, and tracking activities.

Business functions ensure the needed competences, plan, and implement the improvement programs by using innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Bright Way Vision is committed to comply with all the applicable environmental requirements and to adopt management systems that enhance our environmental performance.

Continuous improvement targets and programs are set for the significant environmental aspects based on the understanding, measurement, and minimization of the environmental impacts of a product throughout its lifecycle.

Collaboration with our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders is done to minimize the impacts by our business as well as maximize the potential of technology usage  in favor of the environment and society.

Communication covering our environmental commitment and performance is done proactively and openly with relevant stakeholders, and providing feedback is encouraged.