Automotive Leaders Unite to Crack Autonomous Driving in Low Visibility Conditions

We are proud to join the AI-SEE project and the incredible team of power-players and industry leaders, including: Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Patria, Veoneer, Automotive Systems, Algolux and more. We are working towards enabling automated driving in variable traffic and weather conditions.

About AI-SEE

The AI-SEE is a PENTA EURIPIDES-funded research project, focusing on safe travel in poor-visibility conditions. Twenty-one partners, composed of world-class OEMs and Tier 1s,  are joining forces to build a novel and robust sensing solution that is supported by AI and resolves the low visibility challenges that jams the safe-AV reality, over the forthcoming three years.

The All-Weather GatedVision Camera System
Already today, Bright Way Vision's technology enables it to see throughout the full spectrum of visibility conditions, night and day, while being completely trusted, safe, and cost-effective. Our camera, VISDOM, is a market-ready CMOS-based imaging system that enhances autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles' safety and visual perception. Powered by our proprietary GatedVision technology, VISDOM has been tested and proven fully operational under stress-test weather and lighting conditions, and their combination: e.g., fog at night.

VISDOM is in serial-production and addresses multiple AV sectors, including private vehicles, robotaxis, AV trucks, buses, and light rails. When working in tandem with the already existing RGB camera fitted in every AV vehicle, VISDOM provides complete forward-looking coverage for accurate perception, day and night, all year round.

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