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In adverse weather or low-lighting conditions, self-driving and driver-assisted vision systems can’t provide a clear enough view of the road ahead. This limitation compromises safety as well as the business continuity of the entire automotive industry.

Committed to our vision of driving clarity, we created VISDOM, a market-ready, all-weather automotive camera system. Powered by our proprietary GatedVision technology, VISDOM enables safe vehicle driving under any weather and light conditions, and in any road environment.  

Visdom. The All-Weather
Automotive Camera System

Powered by our advanced GatedVision technology, VISDOM is a CMOS-based camera system for long and short-range imaging at low lighting. VISDOM is a compact camera that fits behind any rear-view mirror. It is available in three configurations for AVs, trucks, trains, and special vehicles, and is automotive-qualified, road-proven, and ready for mass production.

VISDOM delivers continuous clarity, regardless of environmental lighting and reflection conditions, enabling highly-reliable object detection and identification for continuous vehicle self-perception. This maximizes AEB functionality, thus dramatically enhancing safety for all road users (VRUs).

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Nonstop Clarity


Designed & Qualified

CMOS Based
NIR Gated Sensor

Continuous Sharpness/Contrast

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As seen with
GatedVision™ Technology

As seen with a
standard camera

Technology that sees through darkness and any weather

GatedVision is an extended-range technology that provides a clear, reliable, and highly-contrasted image for nonstop safe driving where standard cameras, LiDAR, SWIR, and other technologies fall short.

Developed by Bright Way Vision from military-grade gated imaging technology, GatedVision™ is protected by 26 patents, road-proven, and in serial production.

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Automotive Markets We Serve

Ready to be installed on any L1+L2 vehicle, providing driver alerts and improving reactions on a night-vision screen, offering remote detection in variable ranges, maximizing drivers experience, and driving confidence.

Definite VRU detection and situational awareness across all ranges with robust unclassified-object alerts and free-space detection. Ready to install on L2+ vehicles.

Flexible configuration allowing nighttime imaging, driving in all weather, and remote surveillance of the vehicle.

Intercity, 24-hr operation, fallen-cargo situations, long-rang detection, maximized braking distance.

Functional in tunnels, on city routes, and in stations, providing on-rail obstruction detection and long-range vision. Allows for non-stop train operations.

Alerts to undefined object and provides a clear image in any weather, through dust, in tunnels, etc.

Partners and Clients

Our leading OEM and global tier-one partners have evaluated and tested our technology, and conducted successful PoCs under multiple lighting and extreme weather conditions in fog and rain chambers and out on the open road. Our automotive industry partners from Europe, USA, and China have validated our product and trust us for quality-controlled, serial, and mass production.

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