Company Vision

It is our vision to make driving safer by providing a multi-functional vision & ranging system for the automotive industry. Utilizing our technology, we provide all the benefits of a rich, natural & intuitive image and range information for enhanced vision today and for automated driving tomorrow.

Our Solution

Enhanced Vision

Enhances the driver’s situational awareness when driving under harsh weather conditions and at night

Enhanced ADAS

Extends ADAS when driving at night and under harsh weather conditions

Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

Enables autonomous driving day & night and under all weather conditions

How It Works

The Gated Imaging synchronizes the gated camera and the illuminator pulses, generating a clear image. The captured images enable generating range maps. This Time-Of-Flight (TOF) imaging technology consists of a gated CMOS image sensor with tightly controlled opening and closing times of the sensor’s pixelated gate array.