Our Journey to Becoming The Outstanding AV Innovation of 2021

This past year has been full of great surprises and lots of love from the AV industry. Bright Way Vision has reached significant milestones. From winning the coveted 2020 AutoSens ‘Product of the Year’ award to just being granted ‘Most Outstanding AV Technology Innovation of the Year’ award at Tech AD 2021

It is our honor to receive this recognition from the industry. Our team has worked hard to develop the world's first GatedVision, all-weather and night AV camera, designed to  maximize safety at an affordable price. We look forward to the day where our camera, VISDOM, will work side by side in tandem with every standard RGB camera in every AV. 

  • Got our first commercial order from the world's largest light train company - supplying their light-rail line
  • Selected by top-tier trucking company to supply VISDOM
  • Won the 2020 AutoSens' Product of the Year' award by public vote.  
  • Granted Class 1 eye safety compliance
  • Introduced the two-camera suite approach, in which VISDOM works in tandem with existing standard cameras to cover all driving conditions, 24/7 365 days a year
  • Started the roadmap for the next-generation pixel and sensor design
  • Launched a PoC with a primary AV provider
  • Added two new core-technology patents to the 28 we already own
  • Introduced VISDOM for mining AV applications
  • After-market field-trial installation in Asia (AV buses and trucks)

And you, the Bright Way Vision team, should be proud of such progress, the technology you create will be saving many lives and will make an impact on the AV industry. We cannot wait for what's coming next.


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