Experts Discuss the Vision System that Cars MUST Have to Ensure Road User Safety

AutoSens hosted numerous automotive and safety experts in its virtual event September 2020, and a common theme was seen in a number of their sessions: vehicles simply aren’t safe today at night or in adverse weather with low visibility conditions.

During the event, Bright Way Vision CEO Dr. Ofer David introduced the GatedVision-powered automotive camera in a keynote talk titled: "Solving Adverse Weather Challenges, from ADAS to L4". Dr. Ofer David showed what standard cameras actually “see” when it’s dark, foggy, raining, or snowing - which was next to nothing. On the other end of the spectrum was the GatedVision camera, which was able to see objects and pedestrians in the most difficult conditions.

Watch Dr. Ofer David’s 30-minute talk, “Solving Adverse Weather Challenges, from ADAS to L4”:

On the same day was a particularly interesting lecture by Dr. Jan-Erik Kallhammer, Director Visual Enhancement & Cognitive Systems at Veoneer. He discussed why operating in adverse weather is so important, and what happens to self-driving cars when the weather takes a bad turn. Dr. Kalhammer took a closer look at GatedVision technology and its ability to see through darkness and any weather, where other sensors failed to perform.

Watch Dr. Jan-Erik Kallhammer’s 30-minute talk, "Sensing in Adverse Weather Conditions":

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