Driving during bad weather, at night or with limited visibility increases the chances of car accidents. That’s why BWV pushes the boundaries of highly automated driving with enhanced vision to reach beyond the limits of ADAS systems offering three solutions. These offerings are based on Active Gated Imaging technology.

BWV Offers 3 Solutions

Enhanced Vision

Enhances the driver’s situational awareness when driving under harsh weather conditions and at night.  It is a unique solution that enhances the range of the driver’s vision ahead by extending driver assistance systems (Enhanced Driver Vision or EDV as well as Enhanced Computer Vision or ECV) during harsh weather conditions and night driving.

Enhanced ADAS

Extends ADAS also during harsh weather conditions and at night.

This robust ADAS functionality is based on Active Gated Imaging technology. It provides all the benefits of a rich, natural and intuitive image as well as range information for enhanced vision.

Autonomous Vehicles

Enables autonomous driving during day and night, and under harsh weather conditions by performing all safety-critical driving functions and monitoring roadway conditions for an entire trip.

Features & Benefits

Providing a clear vision under harsh weather conditions including rain, fog, at night, etc.

Mapping the exact image location of objects, obstacles, and debris.

Real-time detection of retroreflector objects (cars, bikes and traffic signs) is inherent in the hardware.

Highly cost-effective for car manufacturers.

Building a complete image from one or more slices for improving vision systems.

Slicing the image captured over the entire distance into multiple images for improving ADAS systems.