BWV technology provides robust ADAS functionality based on Active Gated Imaging Technology utilizing both a gated imaging sensor and a VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) technology.

The technology encompasses a gated sensor integrated in a camera and a gated light source that are integrated into headlamp or Daytime Running Light (DRL) integration or Front Positioning Light (FPL).

How It Works

The Gated Imaging synchronizes the gated camera and the illuminator pulses, generating a clear image. The captured images enable generating range maps. This Time-Of-Flight (TOF) imaging technology consists of a gated CMOS image sensor with tightly controlled opening and closing times of the sensor’s pixelated gate array.

Our Technological Edge

  • Image quality – The image quality is enhanced through limiting the exposure time of the camera to the return time of an emitted light pulse from an object at a predefined distance.
  • Robust detection of objects in the vehicle path by suppressing background/foreground. Active gated-imaging enhances the image contrast when objects are obscured by debris, bad weather such as rain, fog or snow, or in case of strong light (e.g., blinding headlights or sun reflections) that are blurring or saturating the sensor.
  • Lane markings and traffic signs detection – The system can also detect retro-reflective surfaces, such as traffic signs, lane markings, vehicle rear retro-reflectors, license plates and studs.
  • Range verification – The light return from the different slides and generate range maps information.


BrightWay Vision has registered several patents and has submitted documentation for additional patent pending applications, in the field of vision systems, ranging systems, active gated vision systems, and general automotive ADAS & HAD technologies. More information about our patents and white papers can be found in the media relations tab of this web site.

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