Company Vision

To become the industry standard for ADAS and autonomous vehicles

BrightWay Vision (BWV) provides multi-functional vision & ranging system for the automotive industry, based on active gated imaging, enabling unmatched performance in night, day and inclement weather.

BWV introduces Enhanced Driver Vision (EDV) and is an enabler for Enhanced Computer Vision (ECV) in inclement weather and poor light conditions which supports robust & simplified ADAS and autonomous computation for all driving conditions.

BWV technology provides more robust ADAS functionality and is a crucial part to achieve Class 4 & Class 5 levels of automated driving.

BWV was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from Elbit Systems Ltd., one of the world’s leading defense electronics firms (NASDAQ: ESLT).

BWV sensors have been successfully tested by leading automotive manufacturers and Tier1 suppliers, and demonstrate superior performance in all weather conditions, night or day. The sensors are built around groundbreaking vision and ranging technologies for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Highly Automated Driving (HAD). This technology, combined with other active safety systems, reduces the risk of car accidents and thus saves lives.

One Technology – Multiple Functions

BWV offers all the benefits of a rich, natural and intuitive image and range information even during harsh weather. BWV technology enables real-time Enhanced Computer Vision (ECV) functions, such as object detection and ranging, Free Path Estimation, vehicle positioning that support ADAS functions such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Keeping Aid and many other ADAS capabilities.

The technology is characterized by:

  • Image for both driver vision and computer vision in one sensor technology
  • Robust detection of objects in the vehicle path by suppressing background / foreground
  • Enhanced Driver Vision (EDV)
  • More robust ADAS and autonomous solution – improved day, night, harsh weather (snow, rain, fog, smog etc.) and any light condition
    • Night-time: visual ADAS beyond headlamp range without being blinded by oncoming traffic, rain, snow or fog
    • Day-time: higher capabilities in direct sunlight or shadow
    • Enabler for more efficient computer vision
    • Land marks and icon detection (Localization/vehicle positions)
    • Range verification (3D data)
  • Redundancy for existing vision & ranging vehicle sensors
  • Additional method for imaging and ranging on top of existing technologies

Enhanced Driver Vision (EDV)

BWV Enhanced Driver Vision (EDV) has day and night capability, providing homogenous brightness at all distances at night, high performance in adverse weather and avoiding being blinded by oncoming traffic (anti-glare).
BWV enhanced vision provides the driver with a clear view and improved situation awareness in difficult driving conditions when he really needs it.
By demonstrating BWV’s clear and robust image in all-weather conditions to the driver provides him or her with reassurance in the capability of the ADAS systems.

Enhanced Computer Vision (ECV)

BWV improves the performance of autonomous functionality, responding to threats earlier with lower false positive rates and reduced requirement for driver intervention.
BWV sensors can function as a stand-alone day and night-time driving solution, or as an integrated solution with existing sensing technologies.
The sensors can be integrated into automotive subsystems by Tier1s and OEMs, and are also packaged as a standalone fully-functional system called BrightEye™. The system includes the sensor, the laser light source, the operating code and logic for forward-facing ranging and driver assistance functions.



Dr. Ofer David

CEO and a Founder

Dr. Ofer David founded BrightWay Vision in 2011. Ofer has more than 20 years’ experience in the area of active imaging systems and laser detection, and has authored several publications and patents. Ofer was involved in developing fog penetrating day/night imaging systems and visibility measurement systems. Dr. Ofer David has a B.Sc. & M.Sc. from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and a PhD in electro-optics from Ben-Gurion University.

Eyal Levi

Eyal Levi


Eyal joined BrightWay Vision as Engineering Manager in 2012. Before joining the company, Eyal established and lead the camera hardware group in Elbit Systems Aerospace division for over 5 years, designing and building extreme high-resolution cameras and high-frame rates solutions, for advanced imaging systems. Eyal has a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and a MBA from the Open University of Israel.


Sharon Lifshits


Sharon joined BrightWay Vision from its inception as the company COO. Sharon began his professional career in 2005 at Elbit Systems Aerospace division, as member of the electro-optic department and has been responsible for all its operational activities. In his current role, Sharon has overall responsibility for operations, procurement, supply chain management, infrastructure and information technology. Sharon has a Practical Engineer in Electronics from the College of Management, Haifa, Israel.


Asaf Efron


Asaf joined BrightWay Vision from its inception. Asaf has 20 years of experience in commercial areas, financial management, contracts and marketing, working in the finance & contracts department of Elbit Systems Aerospace Division. Asaf has a B.A in Business & Psychology and M.B.A from Haifa University, Israel.

Board of directors

Mr. Ran Hellerstein Chairman /

Ex Co-General Manager of Elbit Systems’ Aerospace Division

Mr. Hellerstein joined Elbit Ltd. in 1978 and served in various management and executive positions. Mr. Hellerstein holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in electrical engineering from the Technion.

Mr. Yoram Shmuely /

General Manager of the Aerospace Division of Elbit Systems

Mr. Shmuely Joined Elbit Systems in 1990, and has held several corporate management and executive positions. Prior to Joining Elbit Systems, he served as a fighter aircraft pilot in the IAF. Mr. Shmuely holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electronic engineering from the Technion.

Mr. Joseph Gaspar /

CFO of Elbit Systems

Mr. Gaspar Joined Elbit Systems in 2000, and has held several executive positions since. Prior to Elbit Systems, Mr., Gaspar was an executive at ELOP. Mr. Gaspar holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Technion in electronic engineering with advanced studies in digital signal processing and communication.

Mr. Guy A. Wisnia /


Mr. Guy A. Wisnia served as Vice President of Development at Zemach Hammerman Ltd. since 2010 until 2015. Mr. Wisnia served as Chief Executive Officer of Wisnia Architect and Designers Ltd. He holds Master’s degree in Business Administration, Tel-Aviv University, Master’s degree in Urban Design, Columbia University and Bachelor’s degree Cum Laude in Architecture, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Ms. Xuan Liao /

Chairperson of Nu Nova Energy

Ms. Xuan Liao is chairperson of Nu Nova Energy; A Canadian/Chinese Investment Company. Previously Ms. Liao was an Executive Director in UBS Hong Kong, an Advisory Associate at CIBC Canada and held several senior positions at Lenovo and Beijing Shinewing. Ms. Liao holds an MBA from the University of Toronto and is a CFA charter holder.

Dr. Alan Taub /

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Taub is a Professor in the Engineering Department of the University of Michigan. Until 2012 Dr. Taub was Vice President of Global Research & Development at GM. There, he led GM’s advanced technical work, seven laboratories and seven global science offices. Dr. Taub Serves on the Operating Council for the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR).

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is our guide to doing the right thing and explains how our values should guide our decisions.

The BrightWay Vision (BWV) Code of Conduct is our guide to doing the right thing in business. It is founded on our values and clarifies the ethics and compliance expectations for everyone who works at, and supplies services to, BWV. Our Code reflects a principles-based approach, where rules are not necessarily stated explicitly and everyday business decisions will be guided by our values, with reference to other resources where relevant.

Join the team

BWV  is a rapidly growing company and is constantly looking to expand its team of exceptional business and technical professionals. If you have experience in ADAS or HAD logic, in Optics or Physics, Software or Hardware development, or if you just believe that WE can all benefit from your capabilities drop us an email, or better yet send us your resume to:

Job Description:

The job calls for an open and creative mind, independent spirit and proactive attitude!
We are looking for a talented and hands-on computer vision algorithms developer with a strong
background in Deep Learning.


Job Requirements:

At least 2 years’ experience in research and development of computer vision algorithms

Practical experience in Deep Learning with TensorFlow/Caffe/PyTorch or similar

Experience in Matlab, Python and OpenCV

BSc in EE/CS/Math/Physics, MSc is an advantage


Join us as a mechanical developer for Brightway Vision’s ground-breaking imaging technology, from the early concept, through implementation stages and testing real-time performance on vehicles.


Job Description:

Leading the mechanical section.

Design opto-mechanical components and assemblies for automotive environment comprising of different considerations

Electronics packing – for all stages: requirements, design and manufacture instructions.

Design based on different manufacture technologist and materials.


Job Requirements:

BSc. In Mechanical Engineering.

At least 7 years of experience in design of Opto-Mechanical systems.

Knowledge of manufacturing techniques (Machining, 3D printing, injection molding, etc.).

Experience in FEA simulation (structural and thermal) – an advantage.

Experience with standards and validation knowledge – an advantage.

Experience with Solidworks 3D modeling software.

Hands-on approach, high level of independence and problem-solving skills.